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16L towel sterilizer 2 In 1 Towel Warmer sterilization Cabinet for Facial Salon Spa Towel Machine Hot Towel Cabinet 220v

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16L Multifunctional Towel Warmer Cabinet double disinfection

towel cabinet disinfection cabinet Wet towel heating cabinet 200W


Product parameters

Name: Household disinfection cabinet

Model: RTD-16A

Capacity: 16L

Voltage / frequency: 220V / 50Hz;110V/6H

Power: 200W

Disinfection time: ≥30min

Set temperature: 70 °C ± 10 °C

Product size: 450*345*305mm

Disinfection method: steam sterilization

Appearance: single door

Loading capacity: long square towel *20 / small square towel *50

Disinfection temperature: low temperature and high temperature double disinfection


Product description

This series of products adopts high-quality steel plate with surface sprayed plastic. The

inner liner is made of stainless steel and is equipped with curved plastic door. It is luxurious

in appearance, beautiful and practical, easy to use. It is a star hotel, guest house, beauty

salon and other places to provide high quality essential equipment for the service.


Performance characteristics

1. This product adopts microcomputer automatic electric heating temperature control,

equipped with overheat protection device, automatic temperature control device, only

need start button, electric heating system automatic heating system. When the temperature

in the cabinet reaches the set temperature, the program automatically enters the heat

preservation state. When the temperature inside the cabinet is lower than the set temperature,

the electric heating system automatically heats up.



Instructions for use:


1. Put the electric towel cabinet on the table or in a stable and safe place

2. Please confirm again that the power supply voltage is the same as that specified in the

towel cabinet manual.

3. Plug the power cord plug of the electric towel cabinet into the safety socket with the

grounding device.

4. Stack the clean wet towel neatly on the shelf, then put it into the electric towel cabinet,

close the door, press the switch button, the indicator light indicates that the electric towel

cabinet has started working.

5. When the set temperature is reached, the button indicator light continues to be on, and

the program enters the heat preservation state. If the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the electric heating system automatically heats up.

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